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For HR Professionals & Consultants


If you are ready to get certified, please contact us.

To learn more about our certification, certification master, and exclusive rights programs, please contact us.

The Narrative Big Five Assessment

is a powerful personality tool used to get the right person in the right position when hiring and succession planning, boost employee development in leadership, team building, diversity, conflict management, sales and customer service. It is also recommended as a supportive tool in 360 evaluations and employee engagement initiatives.

Narrative offers a pragmatic approach to certification in the Narrative Big Five Assessment. With an investment of 10-15 hours, our certification program ensures you’re well versed in the interpretation and administration of the Narrative Big Five Assessment.  We provide the tools to help you succeed in your HR role or as you grow your consulting business.

Certification is available one to one, in a class room setting, or in an online training program that you can complete at your own pace.

Once certified, you have access to Narrative’s intuitive online platform where you’re able to quickly and easily administer tests, automate reporting and email delivery, and manage multiple departments or clients in one easy to navigate dashboard. Currently there are more than 100 Narrative Certified Professionals.

Every participant receives…
• A complete personal Narrative Big Five Report
• The Narrative Big Five Technical Manual
• The Narrative Big Five Facilitator’s Guide
• A Team Building Program which includes a powerpoint presentation with bullet point script per slide
• An electronic poster with the 5 supertraits

Certification Format
• Two or three sessions (approximately 12 – 15
hours) plus
• 3 Practice Sessions with your program leader
Complete online certification program is in process.

Program Objectives
This intensive program was designed to prepare coaches and trainers to use the
Narrative Big Five Assessment. You will:
• Understand your own and learn to interpret others’ results.
• Learn about the history and relevance of the Big Five model.
• Be provided with the Narrative Big Five Assessment relevant psychometrics, including validity, reliability, coefficient alpha, and social desirability issues.
• Discuss applications of the Big Five model for coaching, relationship building, team, and leadership development and selection.
• Connect personality to position and career planning
• Connect personality to individual and leadership engagement
• Discuss the ethics of personality testing
• Practice interpretation with your program
leader (3 separate sessions)


Narrative for Certification Masters and Exclusive Rights Owners

The professionals who train and certify others in the administration and interpretation of the Narrative Big Five Assessment are called Certification Masters. These individuals have significant experience and expertise in Big Five interpretation and analysis and have been specially trained to certify others in the use of Narrative’s Big Five Assessment.

At Narrative, we have an attitude of abundance and believe that significant market demand exists across industries and geographies. As such, we do not limit our Certification Master partners to a specific region. Generally, our Certification Masters are selected from a chosen pool of highly experienced Big Five professionals. However, we have some flexibility in narrowing the timeline to achieving Certification Master status.

Exclusive rights ownership provides exclusive sales and consulting rights to specific geographic regions. Currently, Narrative has assigned exclusive rights ownership to Mia-Riitta Niemi of Claro Oy in Finland and will consider assigning exclusive rights owners in other countries.

Our assessment and reports are available in English, Finnish and Swedish with additional translations underway.

To learn more about our certification, certification master, and exclusive rights programs, please contact us.

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