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For Organizations

Whether large or small, for profit or non-profit, organizations of every shape and size benefit from a positive, multi-faceted and inclusive culture. In fact, a Columbia University study shows that companies with a positive culture see a turn-over rate of 13.9% versus companies with low culture ratings that experience turn-over as high as 48.4%. The foundation of creating this positive culture is driving employee engagement. The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick found that happy workers are, on average, 12% more productive. This productivity impacts top and bottom line growth when you see statistics that demonstrate that executives who are disengaged produce 28% less revenue than their engaged peers.

Creating a positive culture of productivity and profitability starts with engaged employees. Employees that see their organization taking an active role in their growth and development simply perform better.

Narrative, in a consulting and partnership capacity, works with your company to build the framework and foundation for cultural transformation. Whether we help you transform your hiring and candidate selection process, train and develop your leadership and management teams into culture drivers, or dig deep into team optimization, Narrative’s tailored solutions move the needle from good to great.

  • Positive Company Culture Turn-Over Rate 13.9% 13.9%
  • Low Company Culture Turn-Over Rate 48.4% 48.4%
Leadership & Management Development

Your leaders and managers set the tone of culture, diversity and inclusion for your organization and drive positive growth and performance.
By leveraging Narrative’s Big Five Assessment, along with other researched-based tools, and developing tailored individual solutions, we help leaders and managers understand their own strengths and areas of opportunity. We also assist leaders and managers in the art of team optimization, managing personality types, generational management, and conflict resolution, to ensure peak performance and engagement.

Candidate Selection

Narrative partners with your human resources team to ensure an effective and efficient candidate selection process using the Narrative Big Five Assessment. By employing the Narrative Big Five Assessment, your organization is able to identify and screen candidates against defined traits to ensure you find the right candidate for every role. While Narrative can partner with you in this process, we can also train your human resources team in the use, deployment, and analysis of the Narrative Big Five for candidate selection.

While the role is the primary driver for the target profile, the organization’s culture and the leader or manager whom they will work for is also considered when developing the target profile by which candidates are assessed.

Team Optimization

Team transformation and optimization begins with the Narrative Big Five Assessment to help each individual dig deep into their own personality traits, strengths, and opportunities. Through individual interpretation, team workshops, and training, we help the individuals and the full team to learn how to leverage those traits and strengths, improve communication skills, and foster a collaborative environment that ensures the team is cohesive and consistently high-performing.

Organizational Training

Narrative offers workshops and training that benefit each individual and create a stronger, high-performance organization. Whether addressing generational divide challenges, conflict resolution, personal and team management solutions or through developing a custom training solution for your organization, Narrative delivers real-world scenarios and solutions that move individuals and teams from good to great.