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“Narrative has been invaluable to my business over the years. Most recently, Caryn helped me solve a hiring dilemma.  In the private practice of law, we are often plagued by a high associate turnover rate. Caryn worked with my law firm to develop a personality profile for the ideal commercial litigation associate.  Once we whittled down the applicants to the top four, she tested them against the model traits we had outlined. I have to say, I have never been so pleased with a new hire. The candidate we chose, largely based upon the empirical data that Narrative’s assessment delivered, has been a great fit.  Caryn, and Narrative’s assessment and methodology, deserves the lions share of the credit for this.”

Nekki Shutt
Burnette Shutt & McDaniel, PA. 

“After our day with Narrative, my team bonded so quickly; the work started picking up and we spent the next 8 days working on refining systems and well…it’s amazing!”

“For me, it’s allowed me to see how best to assign people, how best to manage, and how to leverage with my own personality as it relates to the team. We’re functioning as a UNIT that’s having fun and supportive of one another.”

Michelle Salater, President
Sūmèr, LLC

“Through Narrative’s 5 Factor Personality Workshop we learned about who we were as individuals, how we each show up in the world, what perspectives and tendencies make up our group, and how to use the breadth of our personalities as an asset for our organization.  Caryn’s execution of our time together, her thoughtful explanation of our traits and possibilities, and her gentle but insightful observations helped us to get the most out of our time together.  Caryn’s accessibility and warmth allowed her insight to be an incredible gift to our organization.  What we learned from her will impact our growth not just immediately but long term!”

Rosie Molinary, Board Chair
Circle de Luz

“I think that the best part about working with Narrative was realizing that personalities are not always compatible and that people cannot always read my mind and act exactly the way I would. Since working with Caryn, I try to understand my colleagues’ points of view before getting frustrated and actually try to do what Caryn did with me – walk them through the issues until they come up with their own best solution. I don’t tell them what to do anymore, I ask them what would happen IF…”

“The time I spent with Caryn was priceless.”

Sil Ganzó
Founder & Executive Director

“The coaching I received from Narrative was significant because it was personalized and provided a ‘sounding board’ to help me effectively process my thoughts and corresponding actions to set and pursue specific goals.”

“Caryn is a great listener and has the uncanny ability to draw from years of professional experience to help a person differentiate whimsical wishing from purposeful planning.”

“I always departed my sessions with Caryn/Narrative with a heightened awareness of the why what, and how my daily actions could reflect a commitment to live life in an intentional, balanced, and satisfying manner.”

Darryl Bego
Youth Development Initiatives

“These Narrative report reviews are powerful interactions. The assessees fully recognize themselves, even as results, I’m nervous about delivering. Those have been springboards to powerful discussions about how this impacts their job performance and how they might manage themselves to make the most out of their combination of personality traits.”

“Anyway, I’m loving delivering these assessments.”

Steve Mendelsohn
Better Self

“I have used Big Five personality tools extensively in my research, consulting practice, and as a professor for 15 years. I moved away from DiSC because personality instruments focused on “types,” in my experience, are not as accurate and helpful as those based on traits.”

“I switched to Narrative from a different Big Five tool because (a) the statistical analyses were conducted seriously (b) the division of traits and sub traits more closely relates to the NEO, a Big Five “standard” tool more often used for clinical purposes and (c) I knew I could always count on the integrity, seriousness, flexibility, and excellent customer service of Narrative’s founder, Caryn Lee.”

Cris Wildermuth
Associate Professor, Drake University
Master of Science in Leadership Development

Referring to one of our Career Coaching Packages.

“She very much enjoyed talking with you and working through this process.  It was very fulfilling for me as a parent to watch her go from being slightly resistant to enthusiastic!  She has had a lot of anxiety over this decision and I think working with you has helped alleviate some of that.  I so appreciate you working with her!  It was a great investment on my part!”

Parent of a College Student

Caryn Lee - Narrative

Caryn Lee
Narrative Founder

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