Caryn Lee regularly speaks to business organizations, executives, owners and team members, who desire to grow their business to the next level.

Caryn’s laser-focused, holistic approach helps businesses discover how to:

  • Inspire innovative thinking that propels businesses toward success.
  • Create lasting behavioral changes through action plans and accountability.
  • Provide solutions to eliminate dysfunction in the workplace.
  • Unravel the complexities of employees to help them grow as leaders.
  • Measure and track results of the changes made to monitor how they affect the bottom line.

For over 20 years, Caryn Lee has helped both small businesses and large organizations reach their full potential. Caryn goes above and beyond just talking about “why” your business is facing various obstacles, and provides the solutions to overcome your hurdles and help you reach success.

Various topics Caryn speaks on include…

  • The complexities of your employees and how to unleash their full potential. .
  • How to assemble the right mix of people to ensure successful project teams.
  • How you can take the steps to create more engaged and effective employees.
  • How to use the talents, perceptions, personalities, and values of your employees to improve business results.  
  • And most important, how to ultimately increase the profitability for your enterprise.

Ensure success for your large organization or small business and take a look at the various speaking topics your company or organization may benefit from.

A Few of Caryn’s Talks Include:
Getting to YES with Your Teammates, Clients, and Vendors

This talk is paired with an employee assessment and dives into the personality traits of your employees. Throughout this discussion, you will learn how to use both your employee’s strengths and challenges to benefit your business.

With the right insights, tools, and training, you can help your employees evolve, work smarter, maximize their effectiveness, and overall you will improve your business’s bottom line.

Caryn has recently given this talk to the following businesses/organizations:

  • Promising Pages Interns
  • Circle de Luz
  • Iwouldhire.com

How to Grow your Small Business

This talk gives 7 pieces of advice for small business owners. The information I discuss will help you drive your business forward and grow.

Caryns advice is based on her experience owning and running a small business where she tripled the revenue and added 24 distributors around the globe.

Caryn has recently given this talk to the following businesses/organizations:

  • Iwouldhire.com – a network of small business owners and a referral service
  • NAWBO – National Association of Women Business Owners
  • 7th Street Public Market Owners

Book a speaking event with Caryn and put your business on the path to success or call 704-957-9789.