All Narrative programs are designed using the best in class assessments, tools, and training along with the latest research in human behavior. Our training experts incorporate a wide variation of the latest learning techniques, such as; mini-lectures, interactive activities including business simulations, role-playing and more. In fact, we offer an amazing train the trainer program that teaches these optimal techniques.

Narrative is committed to partnering with our clients from diagnosis, assessment, implementation through follow up and evaluation to ensure the original goals and objectives are met.


Strong businesses are built on a solid leadership foundation. Identifying and improving current and future leaders is a cornerstone of our services. Narrative will develop a customized Leadership Development program to address your specific needs.

Standard Modules Include:

  • What does it take to be a successful Leader?
  • Differences between a Leader and Manager
  • How do I differ from the ideal leader and what does that mean?
  • Best Practices for Feedback and Coaching while Leading
  • Best Practices for Delegation and Negotiation
  • Engagement Best Practices


The success of a team is directly related to the team’s productivity, communication and engagement. Identifying individual strengths and challenges, team dynamics and addressing them in the team context while focusing on common goals is our forte. Narrative will develop a customized Team Building program to address your specific needs.

Standard Activities Include:

  • Interview team members, administer one or more assessments to team members, provide an assessment of the team situation and a recommended program or program options
  • Share Assessment Results – Similarities and Differences (Line ups and other activities)
  • Apply Learnings through Activities – examples are: listening activities, business simulations, negotiation role plays.
  • Develop Individual and Team Action Plans


Investment in executives’ development through internal or external coaching is paying dividends. The one-on-one goal-setting and accountability results in energized, innovative thinking and engaged leadership.

Narrative provides all types of coaching:

  • Coaching for Performance focuses on improving the executive’s performance in a specific position.
  • Coaching for Skills is for a specific skill such as Business Development, Presentations, Negotiation, etc.
  • Coaching for Development focuses on developing competencies for future growth.
  • Coaching for the Executive’s Agenda is based on the executive’s personal and/or business issues that they choose to work on.


Companies that have more knowledge to make the right hire, choose the right team and promote the right people have a major advantage over the competition, can mitigate their financial risk and greatly increase the probability of success. Narrative has the tools and experience to provide you with this knowledge in relation to personality, intelligence, skills, and values required for the job and then assess candidates against them. Let us help you provide a clear pathway to pairing individuals with the appropriate business position.