Caryn Clause Lee


Narrative founder Caryn Lee is – first and foremost – a business person.

In the sometimes “touchy feely” world of leadership development, coaching and personality assessments, Caryn maintains a laser focus on real-world solutions that improve profitability.

Her deep business background, coupled with her technology expertise, helps her bring a fresh perspective to Narrative and enables her to pursue her greatest passions: making businesses more profitable and helping people become more successful and satisfied in their professional lives.

It all started when Caryn experienced the power of personality assessments firsthand during team building sessions on a large bank merger. Armed with the right information, she and her colleagues began to understand each other, leading to more successful relationships and vastly improved productivity. From there, she was hooked.

Caryn founded Narrative in 2014 after a successful 15 year career with Accenture, followed by 10 years with the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies (CentACS), in Charlotte, NC. CentACS publishes personality assessments based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality and certifies people to interpret them for hiring, coaching, leadership development and team building. Caryn ran the company, directing operations at CentACS, negotiating international partnerships and other distribution channel agreements in addition to consulting with clients and facilitating team building training sessions.

In 2008, Caryn became one of three managing partners at CentACS, leading the company to profitability during her first year as a partner and helping CentACS triple its earnings during her tenure.

Caryn credits the strong business skills she gained at Accenture with her success at CentACS. As an Associate Partner at Accenture, Caryn managed large projects that involved developing strategy, re-engineering processes, and implementing business and technology solutions in complex cross-functional organizations. She worked primarily in the financial services industry, managing multi-million dollar monthly budgets and teams of up to 100 staff.

Caryn has traveled extensively, working throughout the United States and Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, India and a two-year assignment in London. Caryn earned a B.S. in Math from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also a graduate of the Innovation Institute at the McColl Center for Visual Arts. She is a partner with Social Venture Partners, a non-profit venture philanthropy organization, as well as a past president of OD on the Edge, an industry networking group.