Narrative Big Five Assessment


The Narrative Big Five Assessment and Report are based on the Five Factor Model of Personality. The model’s beginnings date back to the 1930’s and, where most personality assessments such as the DISC or MBTI are based on psychological theory, the Five Factor Model is based on empirical data.

Today, there are numerous assessments that are based on the Five Factor Model, most of which include five super-traits – the names of which vary from assessment to assessment – and sub-traits that fall under each super-trait. 

Narrative has developed our own proprietary Big Five Assessment, based on the Five Factor Model, which measures the five super traits listed below as well as 23 sub-traits. In total, Narrative’s Big Five Personality Assessment includes 129 items which are completed on a scale of 1 to 5 (strongly disagree to strongly agree) scale rating.

When assessing personality, it is important to remember that there is no “good”or “bad”score. Instead, the Narrative Big Five Assessment looks at the scale as an indicator of strengths. A score may present a strength or challenge, depending on the situation.Just because an individual scores on the left end of the resilience scale does not mean that they are unable to manage stress, rather, we observe that those scoring left on the resilience scale are often excellent in customer-service roles where they take the concerns and experience of the customer very seriously. And, where someone may score far-right on the resilience scale, indicating a calm, confident and optimistic personality, they may be less suited to a customer facing role and more suited for positions requiring rational thought – e.g. a pilot or surgeon.


Individual Development

Understanding the Narrative Big Five Assessment helps individuals with self-awareness and provides a common language to discuss behavioral differences. The Narrative Big Five Assessment can also help people understand each other and communicate better. When confronted with an individual on the opposite end of the “spectrum”it’s natural that conflicts may arise, however, simply understanding these various personality traits can ease the tension and help people learn how to work better together by leveraging their respective strengths. Learn more about Individual Development with Narrative.

Team Development & Optimization

When we learn about our teammates’ personalities, behavior, and motivations, we’re better able to communicate and form diverse, inclusive, and high-performance teams. The Narrative Big Five Assessment also aides in team optimization whereby teams can be organized for the optimal personality trait mix based on set goals or work to be accomplished.  This method of team development results in teams that are engaged, efficient, and high-performing. Learn more about Team Development & Optimization with Narrative.


The Narrative Big Five Assessment is an incredibly valuable tool in the hiring process as it allows us to profile the job using the assessment to determine the appropriate personality traits, then assess candidates against that target profile. While a candidate’s resume, the interview process and other tools are still essential, the Narrative Big Five Assessment assists in determining great fit.  With this method you gain deep insights into exactly what characteristics are ideal for the role and have the tools that help you select the right candidate with the appropriate mix of personality traits. Learn more about Hiring with Narrative.


The Narrative Big Five Assessment can also be used in training scenarios for sales and customer service organizations to optimize behavioral traits. Or, leverage the assessment and additional solutions as part of your organization-wide training on personality interactions, communication, and conflict resolution. Learn more about Training with Narrative.


Narrative’s proprietary Big Five Assessment is different from many other personality assessments in that it takes an unbiased approach to all personality traits. By limiting language that could infer a negative connotation, the Narrative Big Five Assessment and supporting reporting and training helps each individual learn how to leverage every trait and sub-trait for their growth and benefit. This unbiased approach ensures we’re able to develop powerful tools, resources and training that positively impact business transformation through a deep understanding of each individual’s contribution to the success of the organization.

Additionally, Narrative’s assessments, training, certification, ordering and reporting systems are available online and each tool is designed with fresh, modern simplicity to ensure accessibility and ease of use.

NARRATIVE FOR PROFESSIONALS (internal human resources professionals or consultants)

Narrative offers a pragmatic approach to certification in the Narrative Big Five Assessment. With an investment of 10-15 hours, our certification program ensures you’re well versed in the  interpretation and administration of the Narrative Big Five Assessment and we provide the tools to help you succeed in your HR role or as you grow your business. The certification is available one to one, in a class room setting and in an online training program that you can complete at your own pace. 

Once certified, you have access to Narrative’s intuitive online dashboard, and you’re able to quickly and easily administer tests, automate reporting and email delivery, and manage multiple departments or clients in one easy to navigate dashboard.