Small Business Consult

Narrative assesses businesses for opportunities to increase revenue and profitability.

We can assess your entire business, or select parts of your business–strategy, operations (processes and technology), financials, sales and marketing, and/or people. From there, we provide recommendations and implement those suggestions to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and ultimately increase your profitability. Whatever your situation, Narrative will help you improve your business so it thrives.

Some of the questions we might ask during the assessment:

  • Is your technology doing all that it can to help your bottom line?
  • Do you have a measurable Marketing Strategy and Plan?
  • Do you have a Sales Plan and Process that is working?
  • Do you have the right people in the right positions?
  • Is everyone working toward the same objectives?

Some of the recommendations we might make:

  • New revenue streams.
  • New distribution channels.
  • Focusing on your more profitable products and/or customers.
  • Outsourcing some parts of your business or in-sourcing some parts of your business.

Contact us today to see how we can help you set your business on the path to success.